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The Parkour Dojo Podcast: Episode 1

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Max Henry, my big booty brotha’ from anotha’ motha’, visited Colorado to jump on some s***, but we got distracted and had a passionate discussion about the difference between parkour and freerunning instead…. Typical.

Why are we still talking about this in 2016? Are we just a couple of crusty, old-timer, purist, elitist scum?

Well yes 😉 but on top of that, we have both seen a host of negative effects across all facets of our discipline that, at least partially stem from this one issue. By not making a clear distinction, we are effecting many opportunities (or lack thereof) for current and future athletes.

Max is also writing a blog post for Know Obstacles that will summarize why this topic is important, which will be available here on Friday.


(0:00) Intro
(1:19) Max’s Book
(2:48) Max’s Workshops – email
(4:30) T.I.T Jam/Jump Fest registration
(6:20) Inner Mastery Details and Registration
(8:54) Why are we having this discussion?
(11:58) Why does the difference between parkour and freerunning matter and what opportunities does it effect?
(12:19) How does it effect new kids/students?
(14:00) The unique element that inspired us to start parkour.
(19:34) How does it effect job opportunities?
(25:28) How does it effect how we are portrayed in the media?
(29:35) How does it effect parkour/freerunning competitions?
(33:00) Disclaimer: We’re NOT against freerunning. It simply has a different intention than parkour.
(35:34) Why the intention of an activity means everything.
(36:55) How it effects the culture: style, fashion, attitude, etc.
(40:36) How allowing the two cultures to evolve separately can positively influence the progression and mastery of specific styles/skill-sets.
(44:50) Why keeping the disciplines under the same name/intention is killing the culture of efficient parkour.
(49:18) Why the specific “definition” doesn’t matter as much as the intention.
(52:42) Why using the same environment and equipment doesn’t automatically make the activities the same.
(54:52) Cultivating and encouraging different styles and sub-disciplines of parkour.
(59:40) The history of parkour and how crucial it is for understanding the intention (Max has a really solid grasp on this subject. Even I learned a few things).
(1:07:35) How the parkour and freerunning split occurred and why it matters.
(1:10:15) But what if you never have to use parkour in a real life situation?
(1:13:00) The primary confusion: unclear boundaries between 4 distinct aspects of training: 1)Intention, 2)practice, 3)application, 4)practical application
(1:16:27) What YOU do does’t change what parkour IS. The discipline and its intention exists independent of what specific athletes do.
(1:21:00) The intention, practice, and application of freerunning- note: there is no practical application.
(1:24:00) Cultivating and encouraging the sub-disciplines that exist under the umbrella of freerunning
(1:25:10) We have been looking for one umbrella when there are really two. There are sub-disciplines under the practical umbrella and sub-disciplines under the artistic umbrella.
(1:26:23) Why we should stop muddling freerunning competitions with parkour and focus on creating better parkour competitions instead.
(1:30:00) How this issue effects sponsorship opportunities.
(1:31:30) Outro: Max’s upcoming projects, Dylan’s Inner Mastery event, the Parkour Dojo newsletter.

Thanks for tuning in! Let us know what you thought of this episode, who you would like to have on the show and what topics you would like us to address in future episodes.


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